Meet our farmers

With 20 organic dairy farms across Scotland producing Scottish organic milk, we are able to supply both local and national customers, 365 days of the year, with naturally delicious fresh organic milk. 

Our farmers have a diverse mix of backgrounds and are spread across Scotland from Dumfries and Galloway in the south to Inverness in the north.  They farm using breeds and methods that are suited to their particular location and farm size and they include a vibrant mix of innovators and mould-breakers, traditionalists and environmental enthusiasts. 

They’re a varied bunch, but what all of our farmers have in common is an absolute commitment to producing a premium product by farming in a way that works with nature. 

It takes a minimum of two years for a farm to become organic and every organic farm has to meet very strict standards. These organic standards cover many aspects of farming practices; from the way our animals are treated and fed to the way we manage the soil on our farms and encourage wildlife to thrive.

Our farms are positive, encouraging places that work with nature. Crops and local wildlife are nurtured and used as natural assets to feed the land and prevent illness on the farm. All our cows are free-range - they spend most of their time roaming, eating, socialising and dozing outdoors, and only come in when the weather is bad.