Muirhouse Farm

Murray Brown

This farm is not open to visitors.

Murray Brown of Muirhouse Farm

Murray Brown of Muirhouse Farm, South Lanarkshire, farms two sites totalling around 500 acres. His 200 cows comprise a wide range of breeds and crosses including Friesian, Holstein, Ayrshire, Jersey Cross, Swedish Red, Norwegian Red and Montbéliarde, which are all milked on a 20/40 parlour. 

His milk is sold through OMSCO, eventually ending up on supermarket shelves, although the Browns did bottle their own milk and sell it directly for a number of years. Murray also keeps a few sheep for sentimental reasons!

Moving into organic production has been rewarding process for Murray who believes there are more birds around now, than on the farm than previously. Even after 20 years of producing organic milk he and his full-time member of staff are still learning and improving.

Where is the farm?

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