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Bruce Mackie

Farm visitors welcome by arrangement.

Bruce Mackie of Rora Dairy

The Mackies have been producing milk at Middleton of Rora since 1966. The family have always encouraged nature and biodiversity on the farm, creating native species woodland and wildlife corridors. It was a logical step to move to organic production, and the farm became organic in April 2021.

Bruce and his wife Jane introduced yogurt making to the farm in 2017. Inspired by their young family, they wanted to create a product that was as natural and nourishing as possible, without artificial flavourings, sweeteners or stabilisers.

rora dairy yogurt is produced with unhomogenised pasteurised organic milk, local fruit and honey and only a little sugar to give the product adequate shelf life. It is widely available in major supermarkets – Asda, Sainsbury’s and Co-op in Scotland, as well as independent shops across the UK.

In addition to their organic production methods, the Mackies are recognised for their cow welfare, installing a new dairy building in 2015, designed by Dutch veterinary welfare specialists, Cow Signals®, which optimises cow comfort and allows the herd to follow their natural behavioural instincts.

Farm visitors are welcome by arrangement, please contact the farm.

Where is the farm?

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