Over Langshaw Farm

Sandy Bergius

Find Over Langshaw ice cream at the Grassmarket in Edinburgh - but the farm itself is not open to visitors.

Sandy Bergius of Overlangshaw Farm

Over Langshaw Farm, well known for its delicious ice cream, has around 150 cross-bred Swedish Red and British Friesian Holstein cows, as well as some Fleckvieh. The Bergius family keep some sheep and laying hens, whose eggs contribute to the luxury ice cream, and Sandy’s mother keeps bees, which helps with pollination around the farm.

The farm became organic more than twenty years ago in order to move away from the use of chemicals on the farm. The results have been very positive, with calves and lambs thriving on the farms' organic pastures, with no need for added nitrogen.

The Bergius family diversified into ice cream about 12 years ago, which creates additional income and makes use of the high quality milk, cream and eggs produced on the farm.

Social media posts about new ice cream flavours available in the vending machine at the farm gate regularly bring hordes of eager fans up from neighbouring Galashiels, and visitors to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket can enjoy Over Langshaw ice cream from the Police Box, possibly the smallest ice cream parlour in the world, which sells cones from April to October.

Where is the farm?

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