We believe Scottish organic milk is the most pure, most natural and most delicious milk in the supermarket. Full of goodness and with no nasties, Scottish organic milk is milk as nature intended - produced by happy cows who live most of their lives out of doors grazing Scotland’s lush green clover-rich pastures.

From grass to glass organic makes a difference. It means that our farmers are working with nature, giving their cows the freedom to graze and a healthy, natural diet. The result? Happy cows and naturally delicious milk, pure and full of natural goodness for your family to enjoy.

Scottish organic milk means

  • Free-range cows
  • A natural grass-based diet
  • Never using any genetically modified feed
  • High standards of animal welfare
  • No routine use of antibiotics
  • No artificial, chemical fertilisers or herbicides
  • Farming that works with nature for maximum biodiversity

Whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed Scottish organic milk is available in supermarkets across Scotland under own label brands.  Look for ‘Scottish Organic’ on the label or the Saltire flag displayed on organic milk to be sure you’re buying fresh Scottish organic milk.