Organic benefits

There are lots of reasons why people choose Scottish organic milk.  

Many people say they prefer our milk because of its natural creamy taste. Others buy Scottish organic milk for animal welfare or environmental reasons.  Some people choose Scottish organic milk for the rich nutrients it contains and a number of top chefs choose organic because they believe it reflects quality produce at an affordable price. 

Whatever your reason, choosing organic can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and it means that every purchase you make is supporting the highest standards of animal welfare and farming biodiversity.

How Much? 16 million litres of organic milk is produced in Scotland each year - that’s more than 28 million pints

Less Intensive: An average organic dairy cow produces 7,000 litres of milk each year - a third less than in intensive dairy systems.

Making a Difference: Every family that switches to organic milk will turn 1,200 square metres of countryside organic (drinking two pints a day).

Full of Good Stuff: Academic research suggests organic milk has more omega-3 fatty acids, linked to improved heart health, than non-organic milk. 

Reducing Antibiotics: Organic farms never give cows antibiotics unless they really need them - just like humans.

Organic Feed: Our organic dairy cows eat a 100% organic diet, mostly their diet consists of naturally delicious Scottish grass.

No to GMO: Organic cows are never exposed to genetically modified cattle feed.

Taking Time: It takes at least two years and lots of preparation for a farm to become organic.