Osliebrae Farm

Robert Drummond

This farm is not open to visitors.

Robert and Sarah-Jane Drummond keep around 55 Ayrshire cows on their 170-acre grassland farm. They endeavour to grow all fodder on the farm, buying in as little as possible. The Drummonds bought the farm in 2014 in a fairly run-down condition and are improving it as they go along.

Their Ayrshire herd came from a retiring farmer and they chose the breed because of its hardy native characteristics, with Ayrshires known for being hardy and for producing good quantities of milk from a low-cost system. 

Robert was born in Ireland but grew up in Lanarkshire and has always been interested in grass management. He and Sarah-Jane started the organic conversion process in 2016, becoming certified organic producers in 2018. Their biggest challenge was growing enough grass to meet the herd’s requirements whilst establishing a healthy spread of clover. Nitrogen is the major driver of grass growth and is fixed by clover in the ground, rather than being applied artificially.

All of the Drummonds’ milk goes to OMSCO and they are planning some diversifications on the farm, which enjoys an abundance of hares, buzzards and deer. 

Where is the farm?

55.691023969834, -4.4931668122751